Barrierefreiheitscheck "Rund um den Abtsdorfer See"

Rund um den See
Due to the paved path throughout, it is also possible for wheelchair users with assistance to enjoy this wonderful circular trail. On the way there is a public barrier-free toilet.

The Abtsdorfer See is located between Saaldorf- Surheim and Laufen and is a beautifully situated moor bathing lake in the middle of a landscape nature reserve, the Haarmoos. There is a whole path around the lake, which can be circumnavigated in about an hour. Two parking lots are available for the start. The first parking lot is located on the main road. The second large parking lot is located at the lido near the camping site. The walk was started from here. There are enough parking spaces available in the parking lot. From the parking lot, the round was started counterclockwise in the direction of Leobendorf. At the parking lot in the direction of the path there is an incline, which for most wheelchair users can only be mastered with assistance. The entire path is on paved ground. In phases it goes slightly uphill and downhill again. Here it is to be paid attention to the fact that it can go partially also somewhat steeper downhill. The first section passes the edge of the forest. At the end of the forest section you then turn left across the road and come to a path in the middle of fields and old beautiful trees. On the path there is a public low barrier WC in a wooden hut. The door of the toilet can only be opened with assistance and there is a small threshold to overcome. Otherwise, the sink can be lowered to the side and the toilet is barrier-free with supports on the left and right. There is no emergency call button. Further on the path leads past panoramic landscapes through a forest in the nature reserve. In the middle of the path you come to a viewpoint on the right side with a view of the mountains and the beautiful landscape around it. Out of the forest it goes downhill again and also here support is needed, because it could be too steep for a wheelchair user alone. Back along the road and the lake arrives back at the original parking lot.